About us

Short Company History

The company Klipsoroll d.o.o. began its operations in 2002 with their offices and warehouse at the address in V. Ruždjak Street in Sesvete. Our basic offer included parts for PVC joinery (doorstep and bar holders, glazing pads, doorsteps) made by the renowned German manufacturer Firma GKG from Gutersloh.

Over the years, and by keeping up with the demands from our customers, our offer expanded and we had to relocate to new premises at the address Jelkovečka 15, where we had better operating conditions, more storage space, and where we began the production of roller shutters and mosquito nets.

May your business be successful!


Our basic activities include manufacturing roller shutters, mosquito nets and selling various parts for making ALU and PVC joinery. This includes, among other things, edging trims, bolts and screws, polyurethane foam, window handles, cylinders, roller motors by the German manufacturer SELVE, doorsteps (GKG), and all possible types of PVC mats for glazing and mounting.

For all questions regarding our services and products on offer, feel free to contact us by phone, fax, or email, and our staff will make sure to provide the information you need as quickly and simply as possible.

We hope our cooperation will be successful!

Business Activities

Our fifteen years of business experience make us the foremost company on the market for making roller shutters, selling various parts and fixtures for making ALU and PVC joinery..

During the last several years, we expanded our business to Slovenia, Austria, and Germany, where our customers recognised the quality of our products and our business system.

Our roller shutter manufacturing capacity is currently fifty to one hundred units per day, and we can complete all major orders, which is proven by our standing cooperation with various manufacturing and construction companies.

Our Partners

In Croatia, we are currently cooperating with about one hundred and fifty companies that recognised the quality of our products and services, some of them include: IKS-Pavić, Iveta, AluBen, A.B.S., Laser, Kajfa, P.U.G.B., Aluizometric, Ćurić usluge, Vinsaplastik, Final Forma, Đaković montaža, Sencon, Istraplast, Zadar aluminij, Alu Marin, Sibenal, Brav.obrt Žulj, Reganzin, Eurotim, Biser Metali, Domus plastika, Grad Export, Idas, Inoprem, Pana, Staklo Dom, and many others.